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In 2001, our company, "Franck Filets", was created by Yann Poret, who had one main motivation in mind : coming back to a traditional know-how, concerning handmade filleting, which is a Boulogne sur mer institution.

The company expanded over the years, and now is delicated to offering a high quality range of products, and creating long term relationships with local or international partners and suppliers.

In 2001, Franck Filets merged with "Pêcheries Henri Guyot et fils", a company which was created over a century ago, and which perpetuates the traditional values of fish trading in Boulogne. And in 2014, the company was renamed "FFG Marée".

Franck Filets is a family business with a solid reputation in the industry, and we look forward to working with you.

Un peu d'histoire...